Willie Robertson- Duck Commander Net Worth

Willie Robertson Net Worth : $20 Million


An American CEO, Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star



Source of Wealth

Business, Television

Years of Experience

12 Years (approximately)

Date of Birth

April 22, 1972


Earned a Degree in Business from University of Louisiana Monroe

Marital Status




Willie’s Income & Total Net Worth

Willie’s Total Net Worth is estimated to be $20 million.  He is a famous American reality star and businessman. He is the CEO of “Duck Commander” and “Buck Commander”. He was featured in one of America’s reality show, “Duck Dynasty”. The show revolves around the Robertson’s family. Besides this, he is also a best-selling writer. His memoir was rated no. 1 on the best seller list of the New York Times and till date, its millions of copies have been sold. He gets $1 million salary along with $100 K bonus for every episode of Duck Dynasty.

Business Investments

Duck Commander Phil Robertson, father of Willie Robertson, started a small business in 1991, which used to produce hunting products, like cooking DVDs and apparel, duck calls, and duck decoys. With his efforts, Willie turned this business into a big business empire worth multi-million. He is the CEO of the company. In the year 2006, he started another company, called Buck Commander. The TV show “Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour” and Buckmen series of DVD’s are created by this company.

Duck Commander Family Tree

  • Si Robertson- Brother of Phil Robertson
  • Phil Robertson- Brother of Si Robertson
  • Kay Robertson- Wife of Phil Robertson
  • Phil and Kay had 4 kids- Alan, Jase, Willie, Jep
  • Jase married Missy and had 3 kids- Reed, Mia, Cole
  • Willie Married Korie and had 5 kids-Rebecca, Sadie, John Luke, Bella, Will
  • Jep married to Jessica and had 4 kids-Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, River

Willie Robertson’s Ventures

Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty is an American reality show, which revolves around the lives of Robertson’s family. Now, you must be wondering if the show is real or fake. Well, according to an article published by telegraph.co.uk, the show is scripted. In a scripted show, the reality stars don’t have to remember the whole dialogues, but the situations are created by the producer. It’s not natural, but, they act like it is actually happening with the stars. Robertson’s family is living a rags-to-riches life.

Duck Dynasty Videos

For all the Duck Dynasty hunting fans, here is the link, which will lead you to your favourite show:

Robertson Duck Calls for Sale

A Duck Call is not so damn hard to get, but still, if you want to buy, here’s the list. It starts from $14.99 to $149.99, depending on the Duck Call.

  • Duck Commander Diamond Wood Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Ole Raspy Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Mallard Drake Call
  • Duck Commander The Sarge Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Cold Blooded Series Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Shadow Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Duck Picker Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Brown Sugar Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Willie’s Camo Max Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Uncle Si Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Miss Priss Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Clear/Red Acrylic Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Commander In Chief Acrylic Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Classic Commander Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Homeland Security Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Bocote Premium Wood Series Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Diamond Wood Pink Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Acrylic Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Green Maple Burl Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Commander In Chief Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Black Wood Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Mach 3 Duck Call
  • Duck Commander The Green Mile Duck Call
  • Duck Commander Calls – Teal Hen Duck Call

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