Walt Disney Company Net Worth

Walt Disney Company

Quick Look: Walt Disney Company at a Glimpse

  • An American Broadcasting and Multinational Mass Media Company
  • Walt Disney’s Net Worth (Market Cap): $152.1 Billion
  • Walt Disney’s Annual Sales: $55.14 Billion
  • Industry: Broadcasting and Mass Media
  • Founder:  Walt and Roy Disney
  • CEO: Bob Iger
  • Year of Establishment: 1923
  • Country: United States
  • Headquarters:  Burbank, California
  • Ranking: It ranks 13th in the Forbes’ list of “The World’s Most Powerful Brands”.

Walt Disney Company’s Net Worth (Market Cap)

The net worth and market capitalization of Disney Company has been estimated as $103.96 billion in 2013 (as per Forbes). Approximately 166, 000 employees work in this company.

The Walt Disney Company, along with its associative concerns, is a widely well-known entertainment company. It was founded by Roy and Walt Disney as the ‘Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio’ in 1923. This company operates in various segments, which includes mass media networks, parks and resorts, entertainment studio, consumer products, and interactive media group. All these segments individually earn annual gross income in millions.

Corporate History of Walt Disney Company

Between 1923 (when Walt Disney Company was founded) and 1966 (when Walt Disney died), this industry earned much of its success. He signed a contract with M.J. Winkler, and produced Alice’s Wonderland series under its original name, Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Soon after this, the Disney Bros. moved to their new studio in Hyperion Street and the company’s name was changed to the Walt Disney Studio.

In 1928, Walt Disney came up with the idea of a character of talking mouse, Mortimer, whose name was later changed to Mickey Mouse. This was a transitional phase of the company, and they launched their first sound movie, Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse. By 1929, the original partnership of the Walt Disney Studios was reorganized with Walt Disney Productions, and three more concerns were formed- Walt Disney Enterprises, Disney Film Recording Company Limited, and Liled Reality and Investment Company. The construction of a new 210,000-square meter studio in Burbank, California was financed by Disney. In 1940, the company issued its IPO (Initial Public Offerings). In 1955, a magnificent theme park was opened in California with modern amusements for people, which was named as Disneyland.

In 1966, Disney Studios and Corporations faced a sad demise of their owner, Walt Disney. After that, the company found no direction, and it moved to a decline. In the period of 80’s Disney, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, released an all time hit series, Popeye the Sailor Man. During 1984 to 2004, Disney opened many theme parks, animation studios, animal kingdoms, and resorts.

Presently, the CEO of the Walt Disney Company is Bob Iger, who replaced Michael Eisner in 2005.

Walt Disney Company’s Fiscal Engagements

  • In the year 2000, the revenue of Disney Corporation was increased by 9% and an increase of 39% in net income.
  • In 2003, Disney studio became the first studio to obtain revenue of $3 billion worldwide.
  • In 2004, it purchased Pixar Animations, worth $7.4 billion.
  • In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4.24 billion.
  • In 2012, Disney acquired Lucasfilm Ltd., LLC. for $4.05 billion.
  • The company possesses 51% ownership in Disneyland Paris.
  • It also owns forty percent equity interest in Euro Disney S.C.A.
  • In Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, the company holds 48% interest.
  • 50% equity interest of the company was sold in ESPN STAR Sports.

Walt Disney’s Subsidiaries

Walt Disney had several subsidiaries, which includes Walt Disney Studio, Disney Theatre Group, Disney Music Group, the Muppets Group, Pixar Studios, Disney India Ltd., Lucasfilm, Marvel Entertainment, and many more. Its various theme parks and resorts include Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hongkong Disney Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Vacation Club, etc.

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