Top 35 Richest Democrats

#13 John Edwards

John Edwards

Net Worth:  $55.5 Million

Johnny Reid “John” Edwards is an American politician. John served as a United States Senator from North Carolina. He owns a beautiful and lavish home in Orange County, North Carolina.

#14 Ethel Kennedy

Ethel Kennedy

Net Worth: $50 Million

Member of the Kennedy family, Ethel Skakel Kennedy, is the widow of Attorney General of the U.S. and a United States Senator for the state of New York, Robert Francis “Bobby” Kennedy. She used to live at Hickory Hill, her family house in Virginia, but in 2009, the house was sold for $8.25 million.

#15 Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy

Net Worth: $49 Million

Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy was the member of the Democratic Party. He was the United States Senator from Massachusetts. He used to own a house in Virginia worth $10 million. On August 25, 2009, Kennedy died of brain cancer.

#16 Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Net Worth: $120 Million

Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi is an American politician. She is the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives. Pelosi has property investments in property across northern California and a litany of Fortune 500 companies, particularly regionally-based high-tech companies, such as Yahoo! and EBay. She, along with her husband possesses a vineyard in St. Helena, California, and a large portfolio of San Francisco Bay Area real estate. Their estimated value is $25 million and $5 million, respectively.

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