Top 35 Richest Democrats

#9 Jay Rockefeller

Jay Rockefeller

Net Worth: $160 Million

John Davison “Jay” Rockefeller IV is an American businessman. He is the Senior United States Senator from West Virginia. He served as the Governor of West Virginia (1977-1985). In 1966, he was elected as a member of the House of Delegates. In 1968, Jay was elected as West Virginia Secretary of State. He was also the President of West Virginia Wesleyan College (1973-1976). He also served on various Congressional committees, like The Committee on Science, Commerce and Transportation, and the Committee on Finance. Jay owns a beautiful home in Washington DC, United States.

#10 Mark Warner

Mark Warner

Net Worth: $300 Million

Mark Robert Warner is an American businessman and politician. He is the current United States Senator from the Commonwealth of Virginia. He is the member of the Democratic Party. Mark was the 69th Governor of Virginia (2002-2006). Warner is the honorary chairman of the Forward Together PAC. During the 1980s, he was also involved in the telecommunications-related venture capital. Mark is the founder of the Columbia Capital. He is also the organiser of the Senate’s Bipartisan. He was featured in the Time’s list of “America’s 5 Best Governors”.

#11 Dianne Feinstein

Dianne Feinstein

Net Worth: $80 Million

Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein is the senior U.S. Senator. She is the member of the Democratic Party and was the 38th Mayor of San Francisco (1978-1988). Dianne owns a beautiful house worth $16.5 million in Washington DC, United States.

#12 Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Victoria Reggie Kennedy

Net Worth: $60 Million

Victoria Anne Reggie “Vicki” Kennedy is an American lawyer. She is the second wife of U.S. Senator, Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy. University of Maryland, UMass Boston and Lesely University awarded her honorary degrees. She has also spoken at several graduation ceremonies.

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