Top 30 Best Music Apps for Android

#25 Music Equalizer

Music EqualizerMusic equalizer provides the best music sound ever. All you have got to do is download this app and then install it. When you open it, adjust the equalizer according to your taste of sound, and bam, you just got yourself a better and awesome sound manager. Experience an HD quality sound with music equalizer. Music equalizer is a free app available in Google play store. This app needs Android 2.3 and above to install.

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#26 Music Maniac- MP3 Downloader

Music Maniac - Mp3 DownloaderThere is no need to copy the links now. Search directly from Music Maniac MP3 downloader and download your favorite tracks. Music Maniac is a great music searcher and downloader app for your android. This app will make a new folder in your SD card, and all your downloaded tracks will be there. Music Maniac app will also create a search icon on your home screens. Download mp3, albums, and discographies on your device via Music Maniac-mp3 downloader app.

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#27 MediaMonkey Beta

MediaMonkey BetaIf you are tired of searching your favorite tracks, you don’t know where it stored? Try this music app. MediaMonkey beta will sync all your songs including your playlist and the other4 songs you stored in different folders. This app will automatically look up the lyrics, for the track you are listening right now. The good thing about this app is that it syncs all the tracks wirelessly. This is a free music app and requires Android 2.2 and up to install and run.

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