Top 30 Best Music Apps for Android

#19 Amazon MP3- play & download

Amazon MP3 – play and downloadAmazon Mp3 music app allows you to download your favorite track. Play any song that is stored in your device or play online. If you like the song, you can buy it from has more than 20 million songs available at a very low price. You can listen and buy your favorite tracks legally. Amazon MP3 is a free app and available to download.

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#20 Songza

SongzaSongza is now available for smartphones, yes! Songza is a smart music app for your device. Whatever way you feel- blue or excited, or tired or relaxed, Songza has a special song for your every mood and situation. You can browse some amazing playlists that are created by music lovers like you or can listen to thousands of playlists and millions of fresh songs. So, have you got your favorite playlist? Share it on social networking sites with your family and friends. Let yourself loose with Songza music app.  This is a free music app and available to download.

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#21 Radio Magic

Radio Magic AppRadio Magic is an online internet music radio app for your android. You can stream online tracks, listen to songs according to your mood, and search according to genres to discover more new music, create playlists or listen to playlists available online. Radio Magic is a simple, user friendly and free app.

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