Top 30 Best Music Apps for Android

#13 Fusion Music Player

Fusion Music PlayerFusion Music Player is not just a music app. You rate a song and this app will create a playlist according to your rated track. Fusion Music Player has features as shake and wave gesture support, virtual surround sound for those who love to enjoy music out loud, internet radio (powered by SHOUTcast), weekly online top charts (to keep you and your device updated), mp3 cutter, song visualization (with multiple effects), social networking sites support, and many more. These features make this app a must have in your smart phone. Fusion Music Player is a music app that is free and available to download, and yeah, to rock your socks.

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#14 iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio – Internet RadioiHeartRadio is an internet music radio which is now available for android users too. You can listen to your favorite genres or artists, enjoy comedy, talk or hear news. iHeart has it all. Enjoy your favorite radio stations around the world or create your own custom radio station. Choose a track or artist and your custom radio station will play the similar tracks based on your chosen track or artist. Whenever you want, and wherever you are, listen to your most desired music, which is free and without any interruption.

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turntable.fmNow, you can listen to in your androids too. This fabulous app allows you to play music along with your friends. You can rate a song, and if it gets too many negative comments or ratings, the song gets skipped. This app lets you discover new music, and you can chat in as well, with its chat room feature. Discover the hottest new music club via this free music app.

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