Top 30 Best Music Apps for Android

#10 Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)If you adjust your music player’s settings every day, then this powerful android music app is for you. Poweramp supports every file format, plus gives you a higher sound quality. You can adjust both bass and treble. If you are listening to a song, this app will display the lyrics and also support your headset. Poweramp supports visual themes, instant access to millions of track lists, high-level customized settings and dynamic queue. This is a free app, so you can explore more with Poweramp Music Player app.

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#11 Winamp

WinampYes! Now Winamp is also available for androids. Winamp will play your favorite music, sync your track-listings and manage your music. You can even import your music library from your iTunes; no wire is required. You can search your favorite artist, and while you are listening you can browse and know more about them via their bios, albums and genres. This app supports 14 languages, Shoutcast stations, album-art gesture, and is available for Android 2.1 or higher. Winamp music app is free and available to download.

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#12 MixZing Music Player

MixZing Music PlayerMixZing Music Player is an internet music app for smart phones. MixZing is the most advanced music player with super amazing features. With internet radio, you can discover more songs via different genres and listen to thousands of tracks. It supports lyrics display. Keep your playlist updated with hot new tracks. MixZing is a cool and free app for your device.

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