Top 30 Best Music Apps for Android

#4 Songkick Concerts

Songkick ConcertsSongkick Concerts is a kick-ass app for your smart phone. This amazing app will make sure that you never miss out your favorite band. Choose your favorite band and Songkick Concerts will personalize a concert calendar for you. When a new band is in town, this app will notify you. You can check out not only your concerts, but the other concerts also across your city. Do not you know- how to get there? Where to buy tickets? Who else is performing? Songkick Concerts has got your back. Via this app, you can check out the line-ups, maps, tickets and venue. Invite all of your friends to the concert and become popular among them. If you don’t know that when your favorite band is coming to town, download Songkick Concerts app.

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#5 Digitally Imported Radio

Digitally Imported RadioAre you an electronic music fan? If yes, then this is a smart music app for your smart phones. This is the highest ranked electronic music app. Listen to your favorite electronic music DJs and their most exclusive radio shows. You can share your music channels via Facebook and other social networking sites. With this app, it is easy to access to more than 50 music channels with Digitally Imported Radio app (free app).

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#6 DeaDBeeF Player

DeaDBeeF PlayerDeaDBeeF Player is a good music app for your device. You can listen to multiple playlists online. This app supports almost every file format, and you can view the albums and file tags. Now you will be able to know that the song you are listening to is from which album. Get to know what’s hot in the music charts through online streaming radio. This application needs android 1.4 or higher. DeaDBeeF Player supports three themes- dark, light, and LCD. Though, this is a free version, but you can also download DeaDBeeF Player’s paid version and enjoy music without interruption. The paid version is available for $1.565.

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