Top 25 Richest Lawyers

11. Thomas Mesereau


Net Worth: $25 million

Thomas Mesereau, with a wealth of $25 million, is an American lawyer best-known for representing Michael Jackson on the charges of child molestation, in 2005. He is the co-founder of Mesereau & Yu Law firm. His clients include many other renowned celebrities, such as Mike Tyson, Joe Babajian, Robert Blake and Claudia Haro. He has represented the death row convicts in Mississippi and Alabama for free, and received many humanitarian awards. He also opened a legal clinic in Los Angeles. Several churches in Los Angeles have given him appreciation awards for lending his helping hand to the poor and needy.

12. Mark Geragos


Net Worth: $25 million

Mark Geragos is a criminal lawyer holding $25 million net worth. He has represented some of the renowned personalities, such as actress Winona Ryder, musician Chris Brown, Greg Anderson, Susan McDougal, and many more. Geragos has given guest appearances and also seen as a legal commentator on shows, like the ‘Today Show’, ‘On the Record’, ‘Good Morning America’, ‘Anderson Cooper 360°’, ‘Larry King Live’, and ‘60 Minutes’. He owns a lavish house at La Canada Flintridge, California. California Law Business Magazine named him as ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California’, consecutively for three years.

13. Alan Dershowitz


Net Worth: $25 million

Alan Dershowitz is an American political commentator, jurist, and lawyer with a net worth of $25 million. He is a noted criminal lawyer and has won 13 out of 15 murder and attempted murder cases. Alan served as a commentator in the Arab-Israeli conflict. In the initial years of his career, he worked as a professor in the Harvard Law School, and in 1967, at the age of 28, he was the youngest professor in the history of law at that time. His clients included celebrities, like Mike Tyson, Jim Bakker and Patty Hearst. He has penned several books on law and politics. Alan received an award for “outstanding contribution as a scholar and dedicated defender of human rights” by The New York Criminal Bar Association.

14. Andrew Lessman


Net Worth: $20 million

Andrew Lessman is an American businessman possessing riches of $20 million. He took a degree in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and then started his career as a lawyer after graduating from the Loyola University Law School. Later, he developed an interest in designing a vitamin regimen. After working part-time for a vitamin company, he finally founded ‘Procaps Laboratories’ in the year 1989. Today, he owns one of the most reliable vitamin manufacturing companies. Lessman was involved in a lawsuit after criticizing Home Shopping Network for carrying a specific brand of vitamin.

15. Judge Alex Ferrer


Net Worth: $15 million

Judge Alex Ferrer is a retired American judge, lawyer and a reality show actor with a net worth of $15 million. He served as an Associate Administrative Judge for Miami-Dade County in the Criminal Division of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Until 2001, he also served as a District Representative to the Executive Committee of the Conference of Circuit Court Judges. He became the presiding judge for the trials of the Sun Gym Gang. He appears on the popular reality courtroom show “Judge Alex”. Alex resides in a luxurious house in Miami, Florida.

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