Top 25 Cool Apps for Android

There are almost 800, 000 apps available on Google Play. Some apps give your device a new look while other apps just give you nothing but disappointment. Which application is useful for your device? Which app to download and which app to install? Are you confused? Well, we have created the list of top 25 most cool apps for your Android and smartphones. These are useful and downloadable apps. If you are still confused, take a look:

#1 WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp MessengerAs we all know, WhatsApp is a free messenger app for smartphones. All you got to do is downloading WhatsApp. You have to install it and register your number, and you will become a WhatsApp user. This smart application allows you to chat with your friends for free. This application will automatically add your contacts to WhatsApp. You can share videos, photos, and send text messages and voice messages for free.

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#2 Smart Tools

Smart ToolsSmart Tools is a complete app and a total combination of 5 apps. You can describe it as ‘all-in-one’ app. Smart Tools gives you 5 sets of tools. This app has a compass, smart ruler-pro, smart measure-pro, metal detector, sound level meter, vibrometer, flashlight, magnifier, and smart light-pro. This is the only app which gives you access to 5 different yet smart tools.

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#3 Boomerang: Email App for Gmail

Boomerang Email App for GmailAre you having trouble with managing your emails? Are you unable to organize your emails? Boomerang is the solution to your problem. Boomerang is an email app for Gmail. This app allows you to access all the labels. Now you can snooze your emails, push emails, send as, and customize your mails. It also supports multi-accounts and schedules emails that are to be sent later. Boomerang is a great app for your emails.

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#4 Floating Notifications Unlock

Floating Notifications UnlockFloating Notifications is a cool app for those who have hectic schedule, and don’t have time to open all the windows and check out what’s going on. Floating Notifications is a smart app and it works just like Facebook chat headers. This app will take any notification from any app and the notification will float on your screen. This smart application also supports the themes.


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#5 DashClock Widget

DashClock WidgetDashClock Widget is a smart app and a replacement for your lock screens. With DashClock Widget, you will be able to know the weather, unread emails and unread texts, missed calls, next scheduled alarm, and next calendar appointment. This app gives you an instant access to your important things.

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#6 Taskbar-Windows 8 Style

Windows8 - Windows 8 LauncherTaskbar-Windows 8 Style is a great app. This app is mostly used by those people who love Windows 8. This app gives your screen Window 8’s look. You can customize all your apps. This app has the tap on the start button. You can also change the location of the start button. This cool app can manage all your apps, and it gives you access from just one location. Give your smartphone Windows 8’s style makeover.

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#7 Snapseed

SnapseedSnapseed is a great photo app for Android users. Via this app, you can enhance, adjust, crop, and add effects to your pictures. This app has many other features like unique frames, turn your pictures into black & white, and some special effects or artistic effects, and 50s, 60s, or 70s effects. This is the photo app you will use every day.


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#8 Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2Temple Run 2 is a very cool game app for Android, iPhones, and tablets by Imangi Studios. This game is the second version of Temple Run. The pattern of the original game (Temple Run) continues but comes with all new features. The game has included all new obstacles, special powers for each character, more power-ups, and yes, a bigger monkey. Run, collect coins and gems, use power-ups, create all new record, and share your running record with friends.

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