Top 20 Richest Companies

#5 Apple


Net Worth: $185 Billion

Market Capital: $945.08 Billion

Apple Incorporations is a multinational company, involved in design, manufacture and sale of electronics, computer software and personal computers. It was founded in 1976, and its headquarters are based at Cupertino, California. The company is engaged in the manufacture of several remarkable products, such as iPhone, iMac, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes, iLife, and various operating systems, like iOS and OS X. It also offers a variety of online applications, like AppStoreSM, iBookstoreSM and Mac App Store. In terms of revenue, Apple is the world’s second largest information-technology company. Till May, 2013, it has 408 retail stores in 14 countries. In September 2012, Apple’s shares attained the highest price of more than $705. Around 72,800 people are employed in the company.

#6 General Electric

General Electric

Net Worth: $147.3 Billion

Market Capital: $121.42 Billion

General Electric is an American multinational corporation, which deals in energy production, technology, finance and consumer and industrial products. It has a net worth of $147.3 billion. Its headquarters are located in Schenectady, New York. General Electric is diversified into power generation, production of household appliances, aircraft engines, capital financing and healthcare. According to 2011 list of Fortune 500, it was declared as the sixth largest firm of the U.S., in terms of gross revenue. General Electric has donated over $1 million of Logiq E Ultrasound equipment to the Wayne State University School of Medicine and the Medical University of South Carolina. For 2012, the company’s brand was valued at $28.8 billion.

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