Top 20 Richest Companies

#3 Chevron


Net Worth: $253.706 Billion

Market Capital: #242.84 Billion

Chevron is an American multinational oil and gas exploration company, with a net worth of $253.706 billion. The company was formed in 1984, with its headquarters at San Ramon, California. It ventures into exploration, production, and distribution of crude oil and natural gas. It is also involved in manufacturing of petroleum products, plastics for industrial purposes, petrochemicals and lubricants. Chevron is largely associated with the production of geothermal energy. In 2011, it was reported that Chevron has earned $26.9 billion, making annual revenue of $257.3 billion. The Fortune 500 list of 2012 declared Chevron as America’s third largest corporation.

#4 Toyota


Net Worth: $236 Billion

Market Capital: $200.7 Billion

Toyota Motors is a Japanese automobile corporation, with a net worth of $236 billion. It was formed in 1937. The company is engaged in design, manufacture and sale of car accessories, as well as cars, such as SUV’s, sedans, minivans, 2BOX cars and trucks. One of the most popular hybrid cars, made by the company, is ‘Prius’. By production, Toyota is the third largest motor company, and in terms of revenue, the eleventh largest company of the world. Its headquarters are situated in Aichi, Japan. As per the financial results, announced by the company for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013, its net revenues amounts to 22.0 trillion yen, net income 962.1 billion yen and operating income 1.32 trillion yen.

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