Top 15 Richest Soccer Players

#5 Yaya Toure

Yaya Toure

Net Worth – $70 Million

Having a net worth of $70 million, Yaya Toure is an Ivorian soccer player. As per Forbes, he earns $20.7 million annually. He gathered his net worth as a professional soccer player and entering into various endorsement deals. Income from his endorsements and salary/winnings amounts to $2.5 million and $18.2 million, respectively. He secures 67th rank on the Forbes list of “World’s Highest-Paid Athletes”. He is currently involved in an agreement with Manchester City and is serving as a midfielder for Cote d’Ivoire National team and Manchester City. He is a versatile player known for his skills on the field, including passing ability, great vision, and physical power. He is into an endorsement agreement with Puma. He also supports disadvantaged children with the earnings from lucrative deal of Puma, encouraging them to play football.

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