Top 15 Richest Soccer Players

#10 Ashley Cole

Ashley Cole

Net Worth – $50 Million

Ashley Cole, with a net worth of $50 million, is an English soccer player. He gathered his net worth as one of the greatest defenders of his generation. He is presently playing for England national team and Chelsea. Ashley started his soccer career with Arsenal club. With this club, he scored 9 goals and won 3 FA Cups and 2 Premier League titles. In exchange for £5 million, he was transferred to Chelsa club, and with them, he won a UEFA Champion, a Football League Cup, and 4 FA Cups. In 2010, he was “English player of the Year” recipient. Currently, he is playing for the England national team and Chelsea as left back. Apart from his awards, he runs his company “Kenzie Promotions”, whose assets rose to £1.21 million in the year 2010-11. He owns a “mini hummer” worth $22,946. He also played several charity matches.

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