13. The King and I

The King and IThe musical ‘The King and I’ revolves around a lady who arrives at Bangkok, to teach English to the children of a royal family. The problem started when she was not able to find a place to stay because it was allotted to someone else in the town. But then she lived with the royal children, which created a bond of love and affection with them. During her stay at the palace, she fell in love with the king. But she always wanted to stay away from the king. The uncertain death of the king forces her to stay there, and her beloved children manage the kingdom.


14. Oliver!

OliverThis British musical ‘Oliver!’ is an adaptation of the famous novel Oliver Twist, written by Charles Dickens. The story revolves around a boy who runs from the orphanage in search of money and freedom. In order to mint money and try to make his dreams come true, he got indulged in the illegal activities. He joined hands with the pick pockets that were quite experienced and were trained by their mentor for these thefts. The story has right direction, right music, and the right choreography.


15. The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks‘The Fantasticks’ is a famous musical that centres on two teenagers who lived in the near villages and fell in love with each other. They did not take a stand for their love in front of their families as their fathers were enemies of each other. To eradicate the feeling of hatred from the hearts of two fathers, the teenagers kept on putting a lot of efforts. But to fulfil their wish to create a bond of friendship between the two families, both these teenagers had to get separated and sacrificed their love. The twists and turns in the ballet make this musical a complete entertainer.

All the above musicals have a perfect direction and the right music to entertain audiences. Some of the musicals even have a moral behind the story.

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