10. Annie

AnnieThis musical is a very good interpretation of the Broadway musical. The story revolves around a young orphan girl named Annie who used to live in an orphanage, which was run by a very cruel and rude lady named Miss Hannigan. One day, all her miseries came to an end as she was taken to a rich family. She was about to stay there for a short time. During her stay, she tied the thread of love and affection with all the members of the house and even the people who hated her existence could not stop themselves from loving her because of her kind nature and cheerful personality. Hence the owner decided to help this kid to find her lost parents and award them if they proved their identity. This act aroused the feelings of greed and selfishness in the minds of Miss Hannigan and her step brother Rooster. Because of this, Annie came in a big trouble and messed up everything.

11. Cabaret

CabaretThe musical Cabaret is a combination of music, comedy, dance and drama. It is a story of a girl who used to sit around the table and entertain her clients. Her name was Sally Bowels. She and her group used to work in a bar where their role was to entertain people, but during her work she fell in love with bi- sexual Brian. But a twist came, and both of them got seduced by Max who was also known as the playboy of the town. He played with the feelings and emotions of Sally, and she became pregnant.  Then Brian offers her support and asks her to marry him.


12. Bye Bye Birdie

Bye Bye BirdieThe musical Bye Bye Birdie is a satire that is centered on a rock star Conrad Birdie, who successfully made the audience seated till the end of the show. It was full of entertainment, which made the audiences applaud at the end, and even to those who used to criticize Hollywood and say that the adoptions of the Broadway are not exactly similar to the Broadway musical. In this musical, the main lead and the rock star travels in a small town named Ohio, to perform for his last show. His aim was to kiss his biggest fan before he leaves the stage. The master mind behind this was Albert, who played the role of a chemist and a song writer in the musical. He believed that he will be able to marry his love only when Conard will kiss his biggest fan. The twists and turns make this musical a full-fledged entertainment.

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