Music is the key to all the locked doors. It helps in relaxing and soothes the body and soul. It cools our minds and makes us tension-free and relaxed. Whenever we feel stressed, it is always advisable to listen to music. The beats of music actually soothe our minds. Hence the role of musicals is imperative in music lovers’ life. Here is the list of the well-known and renowned musicals.

1. The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of OzIt is a musical fantasy tale of Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto, who unknowingly move to a land that is unknown to them. They find out that they have landed on the place named Oz, which is a magical place. During the journey, she meets many of the wonderful creatures and creates a lot of memorable memories with them. They guide her to go to the witch who is the only source for them to reach their home back. This wonderful musical tale is a story of love, affection and courage that are brought together.

2. West Side Story

West Side StoryWest Side Story is an adaptation of the famous story of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. It is one of the awards winning musicals. In this love story, Maria and Tony meet each other in a dance party and become familiar with each other. They fall for each other, but as every love story comes with a villain, their story too finds the same, and their families play that role. This story has a heartbreaking ending, which makes the viewers going out of the theatre with a heavy heart.

3. All That Jazz

All That JazzThe musical All That Jazz is a story of a guy and his struggle. The guy is a drug- addict. The story tells about both his struggle and the way drugs spoil the life of an artist. Both parts are being narrated very well here. The storyline and the direction were done in a superb manner. The story of this film was actually the life history of Bob Fosse who directed and choreographed the movie. Though all his loved ones tried to make him stay away from all these drugs, but everyone around failed to do that job. This is a film with a perfect story and moral. It is a must-watch musical.


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