Top 12 Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2013

#11 Xbox 720

Xbox 720

After the huge success of Xbox 360, Microsoft is now ready to launch its new video game console, Xbox 720. With the storage capacity of HDD, it has the Xenon Quad-core. The wireless game-pad and built-in Wi-Fi 802 will give you a better gaming experience. Xbox 720 belongs to the Eighth generation era, and expected to launch in September 2013 (in United States).

#12 Sony Vaio Pro 13

Sony Vaio Pro 13

If, you are thinking of buying a light, comfortable, and easy to carry gadget, then, Sony Vaio Pro 13 is the right ‘Ultra Book’ for you. If we talk about the features, Sony Vaio Pro 13 comes with a 1.8GHz (3.0 GHz Turbo) processor and runs on Windows 8. It has 3.5mm Jack for music lovers and offers the webcam of 720p. The glossy touch-screen gives you a good experience. Sony Vaio Pro 13 has been launched in the markets. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy it now!

These are the top 12 most anticipated gadgets of 2013, but some more amazing gadgets are likely to hit the markets, this year!

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