Top 12 Best Lifestyle Apps for Android

“They get up early, because they have so much to do, and go to bed early because they have so little to think about.”

                                       -Oscar Wilde

All of us want to have a healthy lifestyle. Most of us do not have time for anything, not even for our own life. We all have smartphones, but we do not make most of our gadgets. Technology has given us a way of living a great lifestyle. Save time and money with these top 12 best lifestyle apps for android.

#1 Palm Reading

Palm Reading Free

Palm Reading Free is a great app for the get together of friends and parties. Follow the instructions appeared on your screen, answer some question about your palm, asked by the app, and Palm Reading will tell you about your future. This app will give you the information related to your marriage, headline, life and heart line. Palm Reading gives you accurate information. Ask about yourself or your friends and know the secrets which you didn’t know till now. Palm Reading is a free app and compatible with Android 2.3 or higher.

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#2 Garmin Fit

Garmin Fit

Garmin Fit is a helpful app for all those who want to burn their calories. Garmin Fit tracks your cycling, jogging and walking steps. You can view how many steps you walked, the distance you have covered, and routes you have traveled, and how many calories did you burn while covering your distance. This app will motivate you to walk more and burn as many calories as you can. It supports 10 languages. Garmin Fit is a paid app and available for $0.807. This app requires Android 2.1 or higher to run.

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#3 Horoscope


Are you into astrology? You will surely like this app.  Horoscope app lets you view your today’s, tomorrow’s, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscope. Keep an eye on your future and know what is going to happen in coming days. Horoscope gives you correct and accurate results. Share your horoscope with friends via e-mail. This app has every answer to your most difficult and confusing question. Choose your sun sign and this app will tell you about your love life, career, health and other information. Horoscope is a free app and runs on every smartphone.

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#4 Galaxy Tarot Pro

Galaxy Tarot Pro

Galaxy Tarot Pro helps you to connect with your inner wisdom and to find all the answers to your problems. Galaxy Tarot Pro app is exactly like tarot card reading. Chose from 12 different cards and this app will give you a solution to all your problems. This app looks good on the screen. It offers seven gorgeous themes, saves your personal notes, and spreads including houses of astrology, relationship, galaxy spiral, horseshoe, the world tree, Celtic Cross, Qabalistic Tree of Life, and reflection of the year. Galaxy Tarot Pro is a paid app and available for $3.698. This app supports all Androids.

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#5 Hair App by Taaz

Hair App by Taaz

Hair app will give your photo a complete makeover. If you love your favorite celebrity up does or may be colored hair or maybe short, long, curly, or straight hair, and want to have that kind of stylish hair too, then Hair App is there to fulfill your wish. This app allows you to have fun with your photo. Upload your picture and try different hairstyles. Choose from many hairstyles and change the hair color of it, if you like. If you like your hairstyle, then share it with friends, save it and take it to your hairstylist. Try amazing looks with Hair app. Hair App is a paid app and available for $0.740. This app requires Android 2.2 and higher to run.

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#6 Makeup


Every girl loves makeup because it enhances her beauty. Now you can do makeup as much as you want. Makeup application allows you to add effects to your pictures. Upload pictures, apply mascara, define your eyes with different eye shadows, apply lip colors, add accessories like cute hair bands or hair clips, and add sunglasses. You can do so much with this virtual makeup. You can apply thousands of shades and colors. Makeup is a free app and requires Android 2.2 or higher to run.


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#7 Private Diary

Private Diary

Private Diary is a virtual diary that keeps a record of your personal life. It records your personal thoughts, your deepest secrets, your innermost feelings, and attach pictures. You can set a password for your virtual diary, so no one can view your thoughts. This app secures a backup copy in SD card and recovers all the data in case you delete it accidentally. You can change appearances, add emoticons, and change themes. It gives you options to view calendar and location, add date and record your personal diary on daily basis. Private Diary is a paid app and available for $1.980. This app requires Android 2.1 or higher to run.

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#8 Hairstyle Design – Dress Up

Hairstyle Design - Dress Up

Do you love different and unique hairstyles, but don’t know how to make it? Install Hairstyle Design app and choose from thousands of stunning and elegant hairstyles. This app also offers you to learn your favorite hairstyles and shows you how to make it step-by-step. Get many useful tips to make your beautiful hair even more beautiful. Create your favorite celebrity’s hairstyle and flaunt amongst your friends. Become fashionable with Hairstyle Designs app. This is a free app and supports Android 2.1 or up.

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#9 Mirror


Do you want to see how are you looking, but do not have a mirror with you? If yes, then Mirror app is the app for you. This app allows you to check yourself in the real mirror like a mirror. This app is user-friendly, easy to use, available with zoom mode, freeze image button, and good image visibility. Apply makeup or wear contact lenses or simply check yourself whenever and wherever you want. Mirror is a free app and needs Android 2.3 to run.


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#10 Stylish Girl – Fashion Closet

Stylish Girl - Fashion Closet

Download this fabulous app and get your very own personalized fashion stylist. Choose from thousands of beautiful dresses and shop online or create your own. Mix and match your clothes, and if you are confused about what to wear with what, then don’t worry, this app will also give suggestions for your dresses and wardrobe. Share your collection of dresses with friends via e-mail and other social networking sites. Take the inspiration from the hottest celebrities and get to know what is latest in fashion. Stylish Girl Free Closet is a free and useful app and requires Android 2.3.3 or above to run.

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#11 Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android

We all hate our alarm clocks, it wakes us up in our most deep sleep. If you feel the same, then download this fabulous app. Sleep as Android wakes you up when you are in your most gentle sleep. It is far better than the ordinary alarm clocks installed on your devices. This app records your sleeping and shows you in a form of a graph. This app even helps you to sleep by playing a lullaby and gentle, slow music. Sleep as Android stops your habit of oversleeping, records your sleep talking, and plays a gentle music to wake you up. Sleep as Android is a paid application and available for $1.464. This app is compatible with all the devices.

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#12 Scarf Fashion Designer

Scarf Fashion Designer

Most of us love to wear scarves, but we only know 2 or 3 styles of wearing it. With this app, you can learn 57 new ways to wear your same scarf. It has an amazing collection of knotted scarves and they look stylish and trendy when you try it. Look at the pictures provided by this app to find the matching scarves and outfits. You will learn how to tie scarves in easy steps and with big pictures. This is a paid app and available for $0.891. Scarf Fashion Designer application requires Android 2.1 or higher to run.

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These are the top 12 lifestyle apps which will help you to live your life in an easy and healthy way.

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