Top 10 Fastest Cars Worldwide

3. SSC Ultimate Aero

The third position also has a competition between two supercars- SSC Ultimate Aero and 9ff GT9-R.

SSC Ultimate Aero

SSC or Shelby Super Cars are known for their exotic and exquisite replicas of luxurious cars. It is founded by Jerod Shelby. It has SSC Designed V8 engine with 387.2 cu in displacement, which gives it 1287 horsepower. Ultimate Aero’s base price is $970,000.00.

9ff GT9-R

9ff GT9-R

9ff GT9-R gives a 4.0 liter flat-6 Twin-Turbo Engine with 1120 horsepower and has a base price of $695,000. Based on the model of Porsche 911, this supercar is limited to 20 units and the exterior can be modified according to the owner’s specifications.

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