Sebastian Pinera Net Worth

Sebastian Pinera Net Worth : $2.4 billion


Former President of Chile



Source of Wealth

Business, Investments

Years of Experience

43 years

Date of Birth

December 1, 1949


Did M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University

Marital Status




Sebastian Pinera’s Total Net Worth

Sebastian Pinera is the former President of Chile, philanthropist, as well as a businessman. Pinera, who owns $2.4 billion fortune, founded the huge credit card company, called ‘Bancard’. In 1971, he completed his undergraduate degree in Business and Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and then got enrolled in Harvard University from where; he did M.A and Ph.D. in the field of economics.

Business Investments

Pinera started a credit card company, known as ‘Bancard’. Before becoming the President, he owned the third oldest television channel of Chile – ‘Chilevision’, as well as 13% of Colo-Colo, 27% of LAN Airlines, and a football club. Pinera held minor stock positions in Soqimich, Enersis, and Quinenco. After attaining the position of President of Chile in 2010, Sebastian sold most of his business ventures. He sold ‘Chilevision’ to Time Warner for about $150 million. He sold 26% of his stakes in LAN Airlines for a whopping price of $1.5 billion. He also sold his ownership of shares of the famous football team, called ‘Blanco & Negro’, as well as his participation in Colo-Colo.

Political Career

Pinera stood for the 2009-2010 presidential elections in Chile. In March 2010, after receiving 51.61% of the total votes, he was elected as the 35th President of the Republic of Chile.  He is also popularly known as the leader of the “Coalition of Change”. Under his reign, the country’s economic status grew by 5%, mainly due to copper exports.


Sebastian founded an ‘Enterprising Women Foundation’ in 1989, which was originally named as ‘The House of Youth’. This organization was started in order to help those women, who are earning low income.

In 1993, he started ‘Fundaciòn Futuro’, which was later renamed as ‘Fundaciòn Cultura’. It is aimed at improving the country’s development in terms of justice, democracy and freedom. Under this foundation, another organization, called ‘Grupo Tantauco’, was started in order to propagate environmentalism.

In 2005, Sebastian made ‘Tantauco Park’ – a private natural reserve, which is accessible to public.

He also started a project, called ‘Grupo Tantauco: Derechos Humanos’, which was aimed at bringing a settlement between the people, who had to bear the effects of human rights violations under the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet in Chile.