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Russell Simmons is an American business magnate and a renowned name in the world of hip-hop and rap music. He has an approximated net worth of $340 million. He is the most significant personality in the history of rap music, as he is the one, who has brought America in the mainstream of rap music and made Americans to shake their bodies on his hip-hop music.

Simmons is one of the richest business executives and owns clothing lines, named Argyleculture, Phat Farm, and American Classics. Now, with such hefty income and prosperous business, the power to live lavishly with all the luxuries of the world comes naturally.

Saddle River Home

Russell Simmons is an owner of a beautiful palace-like mansion in Saddle River Estate, New Jersey. This is the marital residence of Russell Simmons and his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons, however, after the finalization of their divorce, they both decided to sell this opulent New Jersey property.

This whopping and breathtaking house is spread in the area of four acres, and the residence is built on the land, measuring 49,000 square feet. The house has ten spacious and ostentatious rooms, a movie theatre, advanced gym, a wine cellar, a bar, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, elegant quarters for staff, and a vigilant security system. The house has often been on and off the sale. It was once listed for $23.888 million and then, dropped down to $19.888 million and then, snapped off the market.

Saddle River Home

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