Paul Allen Homes

7. New York Apartment

New York Apartment

For a good amount of $25 million, Paul Allen purchased a spectacular penthouse in Manhattan, New York, USA, in 2011. The classic building of this New York apartment was built in 1907. The absence of much information makes it difficult to mention the features of this expensive penthouse.  However, only this much is acknowledged that the penthouse consists of seven bedrooms and 5-6 bathrooms. The terrace of the apartment offers panoramic scenes of the New York City and the adjacent Central Park. The house was purchased by Allen from Wade F.B. Thompson, an Australian businessman.

Apart from Paul Allen, this New York apartment is the residence of many distinguished personalities, including Socialite Veronica Hearst, Kevin Parker (director of Deutsche Bank), Howard Solomon (pharmacy bigwig), Daniel Nir (hedge fund manager), and Ace Greenberg (ex-CEO of Bear Stearns).

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