Naomi Campbell House

Horus-Eye Eco House

The shower of love of Vladislav Doronin towards Naomi yet not completes. He has also gifted Campbell an eco friendly house on her 41st birthday, which is located on a private island, The Isla Playa de Cleopatra, in Turkey.

The house has been given a shape of human eye by the Spanish designer and architect, Luis de Garrido. The design of the house signifies the Egyptian symbol of protection, power, protection and good health.

This creative and exquisite accommodation has twenty five massive rooms, which gives the residence a feeling of home-cum-hotel. The energy requirements of the house are fulfilled by the geo-thermal system and photo-voltaic system. The iris- shaped dome is made of glass and steel, which provides ample sunlight inside. The building also has a feature of modernized rain water harvesting system and waste water treatment system, as well. The house offers an awesome and incredible sight of the island and Gulf of Gökova.

Horus-Eye Eco House

Horus-Eye Eco House 1

Horus-Eye Eco House 2

Horus-Eye Eco House 3


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