Naomi Campbell House

Naomi Campbell is a supermodel, actress, and a singer. She hails from Britain. Naomi made her modelling debut at the age of seven, and from then, she has achieved immense success as a model. She has beautified and adorned the cover pages of nearly 500 fashion magazines. She earns almost $28 million annually through her photo shoots and endorsements of elite brands. She has various movies, television appearances, and an album, “Baby Woman”, in her kitty.

This glamour doll is widely famous for her accommodations, which are something more than just being a home.

Moscow Spaceship Home

Naomi’s Russian boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, has gone to great lengths to keep her girlfriend cheerful. He gifted her a plush and artistic house in Moscow. The house resembles a spaceship, and is built on the land measuring 2,650 square feet. It has two 65-feet tall towers, however, the exact numbers of bedrooms and living rooms are not known.

The futuristic home also features an updated gym, glorious spa, and a super swimming pool. Architect Zaha Hadid has given the magnificent house, super smooth curves and peculiar designs. One thing that should not be forgotten to mention is that the house also has an ability to create a sparkling dance floor on top of the indoor swimming pool.

Moscow Spaceship Home

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