Music Producer Salary

Quick look: Music Producer at a Glimpse

  • An individual, who works to oversee and manage the recording of an artist’s music
  • Average Hourly Wages: $38.81 (According to The Bureau of Labour Statistics)
  • Average Yearly Salary: $80,720 (According to The Bureau of Labour Statistics)
  • Type of Service: Professional
  • Competencies: Instrumental skills and keyboard knowledge

Music Producer: An Introduction

A music producer also called as a record producer, is an individual who works in the music industry and who is responsible to oversee and manage the recording or production of an artist’s music. He has to perform activities like collecting ideas for the project, coaching the artist/musician in the studio, selecting songs and musicians, and supervising the whole process through professional mixing. In most of the cases, the music director has to play the roles of composer, songwriter or an authorized arranger who can bring the newest ideas to complete a project.

Working as a music producer is not an easy task as one has to oversee everything that is virtually involved in the production. One has to schedule studio time, secure talent, handle funding, and assist in mixing and recording.

Facts and Figures

Music production is a competitive industry, which involves long hours and variable pay. Music producers enjoy working with performing artists and must love making music. After all, it is their job. How much money does a music producer make? Let us look at the earnings earned by a music producer.

  • Hourly Wages: According to the “Bureau of Labour Statistics 2011”, the average hourly wages of a music producer is $38.81. According to “”, the hourly wages of music producers vary from $13.49 to $28.86. The median hourly wages of music producers, according to “O*NET” is $32.08.
  • Yearly Salary: According to the “Bureau of Labour Statistics”, the average annual salary of a music producer is $80,720. According to “”, the annual salary of a music producer ranges between $20,000 and $1 million. The median annual salary of a music producer is $66,720, according to “O*NET”.
  • Type of Company: According to “”, the annual earnings of a music producer vary on the basis of the company:
  • Motion Picture: $20,000 to $40,000
  • Entertainment: $20,000 to $75,848

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Aid the artists in choosing songs to record.
  • Secure a studio time for recording the songs.
  • Assist audio engineers in mixing and recording process.
  • Formulate the budget for the project.
  • Determine content, production size and establishing details.
  • Formulate management policies and production schedules.
  • Hire musicians and background performers.
  • Plan and coordinate the production of recordings, selecting music and directing the performers.
  • Co-ordinate all the activities of musicians throughout the production process.
  • Perform administrative duties along with the production processes.
  • Resolve the problems arising in front of the musicians and other staff.
  • Act as a liaison between the parties, when required.
  • Maintain records of wages and working conditions, established by the association of musicians.
  • Review recordings and broadcast schedules.
  • Develop marketing plans for the end product.

Essential Requirements

To be a music producer, the requirements are mentioned below:

  • Four-year bachelor’s degree in music
  • Few years’ experience
  • Practical experience of the equipments used in the recording process
  • Undergo an internship to get on-the-job experience.

Future Prospects

According to “O*NET”, the growth opportunities for the music producers will rise to 13% by 2018. The employment opportunities will grow in the coming future.

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