Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery

Madeleine Stowe is an American actress. She was recently nominated for Golden Globe Award (for Best Actress- Television Series Drama). Madeleine is 59 years old and looks stunning. She does not appear to be ageing. In her case, 55 is just a number. The more she is aging, she is looking good. Madeleine made a lot of efforts to maintain herself. She has done almost everything including cosmetic surgery, in order to look stunning as she looks now.


Madeleine does not own any sign of wrinkle or fine lines. On a daily basis, it is easy to figure out that she has taken the help of some Botox injection. There are also some rumors that she has gotten her face lifted. Well, it is not the magic of facelift. It is an effective work of Botox injections.


There are some visible changes on her face, but she looks as gorgeous as she looked before, thanks to Botox injections. Her face looks smoother, glowing, and flawless. Her forehead appears to be toned and lifted. It looks good on her and does not appear overdone. It looks very natural as she has got it in her genes.

Lip Enhancement

Madeleine was suggested to rake some lip fillers, to give her lips a plumped look. She agreed, and we got a beautiful Madeleine with an incredible smile.

Lip Enhancement

Her lips look more filled and fresh, and she looks great. In comparison to other features, her lips appear to be bigger. It gave her the unique look, which goes with her personality. She took help of some surgical experts to enhance the most beautiful features of her face.


Blepharoplasty is a kind of cosmetic surgery which involves the correction of eye lids. Usually, it is used to tighten up the loose skin around eyes. Madeleine also chose blepharoplasty to tighten up the lower eyelid. Her face looks firm and well toned after this surgery.


Her under-eye skin was a bit loose, but after getting the blepharoplasty done, her eyes appear to be a bit large. This cosmetic surgery is brilliantly done and looked very natural. She looks youthful and fresh with larger eyes.

Nose Job

Nose job seems to be very common these days. Most of the celebrities happen to get a nose job, in order to enhance their looks. Madeleine also went for this option and got a nose job.

Madeleine-Stowe-Nose Job

She used to have a slim and thinner nose, which had a small tip. Her nose job gave her a wider, rounded tip. Her nose now looks more edgy, sharp and pointed. The nose job totally changed the way she used to look. Some surgical experts say that she appears so natural that it totally fits in her persona.

Breast Augmentation

It is clear that Madeleine went through so many surgical changes. She used to look good, but she did not own what we call is a ‘perfect figure’. Now, she owns it. She got her breast implanted.

Breast Augmentation

It is clearly visible in the picture given above that she had breast augmentation. Her breasts are a bit higher. It looks bigger and has a round shape. The difference can be seen in both pictures. Madeleine changed herself and can give a tough competition to all the beautiful women in the town.

We do agree that the cosmetic changes made her even more beautiful. Her aura is incredible, and she looks natural. With the help of Botox injections, her face has become more charming and glowing. For Madeleine, these cosmetic surgeries have proved to be a boon. After the surgical changes, she is looking more elegant and graceful. She is 42 and looks fabulous in this age too.

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