Larry Page Net Worth

Larry Page Net Worth : $40 billion


Computer Scientist and Internet Entrepreneur



Source of Wealth


Years of Experience

16 years

Date of Birth

March 26, 1973


M.Sc. in Computer Science from Stanford University

Marital Status




Larry Page’s Income and Total Net Worth

The co-founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page, owns a net worth of $40 billion. He was born in 1973 in East Lansing, Michigan. In 1998, together with his friend Sergey Brin, Larry developed and created Google, the world’s most dominant and popular search engine. He is currently one of the richest internet entrepreneurs of the world. Forbes has estimated the net worth of Google to be around $268.45 billion. Larry possesses 24 million Class B shares of Google.

Business Investments

Larry Page founded Google along with Sergey Brin, in 1998. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer and one of the Board members of the company.

Besides, Page has also invested in an automotive company, called Telsa Motors, which manufactures vehicles that use alternative fuels. He is also an investor in renewable energy technology.

Properties: Private Fortune

Page owns a lavish piece of property in California worth $7 million. It stretches over 10,000 feet. He has constructed another 3-storeyed mansion on the same property, which has a roof garden equipped with solar panels, thus, making it an eco-friendly house. In its basement is a kitchen, a multipurpose living room and guest room.

Larry possesses a luxurious yacht, named Senses, costing over $45 million. It is equipped with all the deluxe facilities one can think of. The interiors of the yacht are designed by the famous designer Phillippe Starck. It features a gym, ten luxurious suites, a helipad and multi-level sun decks. It is powered by two Duetz AG engine and can cruise at 11.8 knots for 6500 miles.

He also co-owns a private jet, called The Google Jet, along with Sergey Brin. They bought it in 2005 for a whopping cost of $15 million. The splendid aircraft is provided with all the lavish and comfortable amenities and has the seating capacity of 50 people.

Like any other billionaire, Page also owns a couple of luxury vehicles. One of them is The Tesla Electric Roadster. It is a Battery Electric Vehicle sports car, which uses lithium-ion battery cells. It is capable of travelling 393 km on a single charge and can reach up to 60 km in 3.9 seconds.

He also owns a Toyota Prius, which is an electric hybrid car, and one of the cleanest cars of the generation. It features dust and pollen filtration mode, humidity sensor, automatic climate control with air filter and push-button controls.

Larry has a likeness for electric bikes. He owns a Zero X motorbike worth $8,000. It comes with a battery of lithium-ion and can reach up to a maximum speed of 60 mph.

Philanthropic Activities

Page is also associated with several charities and foundations. At the Voice Health Institute, Boston, he donated a considerable amount to a vocal cord nerve function research program. He is also the founder of a charitable organization, called the Carl Victor Page Memorial Foundation.


In 2002, Page was named as the ‘Global Leader for Tomorrow’ by the World Economic Forum. In 2003, he received an honorary MBA from IE Business School. He got elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2004. In the same year, he was chosen as the trustee for ‘X PRIZE’. In 2009, Larry received an honorary doctorate from the University of Michigan. In the year 2011, Forbes ranked him #24 on the Forbes List of Billionaires. The Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index listed him as the 27th richest man of the world, in the year 2012.

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