Johnny Depp Plastic Surgery: Just Rumours?

John Christopher “Johnny” Depp II is an American actor, producer, director, and musician. He is best known for his famous series, Pirates of the Caribbean. Johnny is the holder of the Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award (nominated as the best actor). His acting skills are sharp, and he has a fabulous, fresh face at the age of 54. If you are a Hollywood celebrity, then rumors cannot leave you. In the case of Johnny Depp, rumors are going around that he has some surgical changes on his face. Let’s try to find out, are they just rumors or there is something called the truth?

Nose Job

Johnny Depp Nose Job

Though, it’s hard to believe that Johnny, whose looks are stunning, can go for an option like cosmetic surgery. Recently, it was noticed that Johnny agreed to get a nose job. If you notice in the picture, his nose was longer and had a rounded tip. On the other hand, the second picture gives us a clear hint of a nose job. After the cosmetic surgery, his nose has become a bit smaller. There is some visible space between his upper lip and nose. Also, he has small but round tip.


A facelift is something that would not interest Johnny. Yes! He is 50, and it’s clearly visible on his face. He has wrinkles that can be clearly seen. But, there are rumors going around that he got some Botox injections or facelift. He hasn’t given a comment on the rumors yet.

johnny-depp Facelift

It is a fact that Johnny is not that kind of person who would opt for such option of surgery. Well, there is not much difference in both the pictures, except the fact that he’s aging. But, if there are rumors, there has to be something, right?

Johnny Depp is a smart actor. Most of us will deny the rumors that he has taken some surgical help to look younger. Maybe he got this in his genes, and the rumors are not true.

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