Jim Bellino Plastic Surgery

Jim Bellino is the husband of Alexis Bellino, and he is a famous star of a reality show “The Real Housewives of Orange County”. He is best known for his business, which is established by his forge engagements. He has recently been involved in controversies for writing the forge cheques, addressed to the contractor whom he hired. He accumulated most of his money by forge business. Jim is 55, and he invested the money on himself by getting involved in cosmetic surgeries.

Chin Implant

Jim’s chin was augmented, and it looks quite different from the one that he used to own. His chin has a round shape. His previous appearance had an appeal. He still owns that, but if we compare, it is lesser now.

Jim Bellino Plastic Surgery

Jim looks quite different in both the pictures. His chin appears to be a bit bigger. There is not much space between his new chin and lower lip. Also, it changed the whole look of his face. After the cosmetic surgery, he looks quite old.

This implanted chin does not suit him, and he looks terrible. He looked way better without any surgery. It is not necessary that every surgical change will enhance your features and make you beautiful. It can make you look even worse, like in the case of Jim. Tell us what do you think? What is your opinion about plastic surgery?

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