Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth : $920 Million


An American Actor, Comedian, Film/Television Producer and Writer

Jerry Seinfeld Annual Income

$32 Million



Source of Wealth

Television, Acting, Film Producing

Date of Birth

April 29, 1954


Graduated with a Degree in Communications and Theatre from Queens College, City University of New York

Marital Status




Jerry Seinfeld’s Income & Total Net Worth

Jerry Seinfeld, stand-up comedian and TV star, has an estimated net worth of $920 million. He made his income through his eponymous show, books, public speaking, and endorsement deals. He earned $10 million by endorsing ads for Microsoft, in the year 2008. His worth also includes numerous cars and mansions.

Properties: Private Fortune

Jerry Seinfeld’s private fortune consists of marvellous mansions, as well as a wide collection of cars specially, Porsches.

Mansions and Villas

His estates and mansions are located at various places. He owns “Telluride Home” costing $18.3 million, designed as the evolving series of Western ranch structures. It is located in Telluride, Colorado, United States. It has 11 bedrooms with 11 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. This mansion is spread over 14,200 square feet, and comprises of a guest house, lofts and a wet bar.

His second mansion is “Hampton villa”, which is spread over 14 acres of lawns. Jerry purchased it for $32 million. It has 24 rooms with 5 half and 8 full bathrooms. There are 13 fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, a guest house, outdoor and indoor pool, a smoking bar, a base ball diamond, a bowling alley, a music room, a wine cellar and 22 car garages.
He also owns an apartment in New York.


Jerry has a huge collection of cars, especially Porsche models. He has 47 Porsches. He owns “Porsche Carrera GT”, a supercar with a top speed of 330 km/hr. He also owns “Porsche 959” worth $700 thousand. It is a uniquely designed and rare car, famous for its fastest speed. His collection of cars includes “Vintage 911 Cars”, “550 Spyder”, and “10 Boxters”.

Private Jet

He also owns a business aircraft “Gulfstream V”, the most luxurious and quality featured jet, powered by Rolls Royce engines. Its maximum flying capacity is 51,000 feet above the ground. It is a 14 seater jet, with exclusive interiors.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Career

  • Shows and Books- He had appeared in “Rodney Dangerfield HBO” special. In 1979, he did a small role as “Frankie” in Benson sitcom. In 1981, he made a successful appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”. In 1988, he created “The Seinfeld Chronicles” with Larry David for NBC. He made a notable guest appearance on “The Howard Stem Show” in 2010. Along with his stand up comedy and television shows, he wrote a book “Seinlanguage”, which was released in 1993.  In 2002, he wrote the children’s book “Halloween”.
  • Awards and Honours– He received “American Comedy Award” for funniest male performer in TV series (1992 and 1993). He received “Emmy Award” for outstanding comedy (1993). He also won “Golden Globe Award” for outstanding performance in comedy series (1995, 1997, and 1998). 


Jerry Seinfeld supports “Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation”. This organisation works for transforming the public education in U.S. through school in Las Vegas. He also supports many other charity organizations, like Autism Speaks, National Parks Conservation Association, and Exploring the Arts.