Jack Dorsey Net Worth

Jack Dorsey Net Worth : $4 Billion


An American Businessman and Web Developer, Co-founder of Twitter



Source of Wealth

Self-made, Startups, Technology

Years of Experience


Date of Birth

November 19, 1976


Dropped out of New York University

Marital Status


Jack Dorsey’s Income & Total Net Worth

Jack Dorsey is an entrepreneur and software architect, famous for co-founding Twitter. He has a net worth of $4 billion. He built up his net worth as the co-founder of Obvious (a spinoff of Twitter and other projects), the CEO of Square, and chairman and co-founder of Twitter. Jack possesses stake worth $845 million.

Business Investments

Dorsey began his own business in the year 2000, by establishing a small company, which dispatched couriers and taxis. After that, he, along with Noah Glass and Stone, co-founded Obvious. It later spun off Twitter, Inc. In 2010, he initiated another business project known as Square, a company that accepts debit and credit card payments over the small device attached to Apple products. He also possesses 15 houseboats.

Recently, this business tycoon has invested in various high worth companies, like Jelly HQ, Peek.com, Message Bus, Kickstarer, Instagram, Artsy, Flipboard, Fancy, and Foursquare.

Properties: Private Fortune

Jack Dorsey possesses a spectacular and lavish $9.9 million cliffside mansion above San Francisco harbor. This 3,743 square feet home has only two bedrooms, but the main attraction of the house is the pyramid-shaped skylight, which opens at the touch of a button and reveals the incredible views of the world.

Jack Dorsey House

He is also an owner of beautiful BMW 3.

Jack Dorsey’s Career

Jack Dorsey is universally recognized as the creator of Twitter. He was born in St. Louis.  He had developed a keen interest in dispatch routing, at an early age. At the age of 15, he created dispatch software, which till date, is used by various taxicab companies. In 2000, he began his own company to dispatch emergency services, taxis, and couriers from the Web. He got a lot of inspirations from LiveJournal and AOL Instant Messenger and developed an idea for real-time short message communication service based on Web. Later, he co-founded Twitter. In 2010, he launched Square, an online payment platform.


Dorsey was named as one of the top 35 innovators in MIT Technology Review TR35. The Wall Street Journal honored him with “Innovator of the Year Award”, in 2012.

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