Helix Camera & Video: Truth behind Shutting the Chicago Business

Helix Camera & Video

Paul Schutt is the one who started the Helix camera. Paul was into photography when he was 7 year old. In the younger age, he found his way and started Helix in a fraternity house at University of Chicago. Soon, his business became the most popular one, and he left graduation to concentrate on his business.

His idea of starting this camera was to give the photographers the need and quality of a good pixelation. Helix Camera was designed for professional photographers. Paul also has a specialization in underwater photography. He started by, first renting the equipments, and then enlarging his business by selling products. Soon, after this, Helix became a leading retailer in the photography world, and one of the largest photographic stores in Midwest.

Reason behind Shutting the Chicago Business

Helix Business

The digital era came and Helix went out of business. Helix camera had issues regarding the front facing camera and blurry focus. For the past five years, Paul stopped the camera renting procedure, and it affected the sales majorly. There are now much better and cheaper cameras available in the markets. Other cameras provide the better professional photography, as well as, clear focus and pixelation. Now you can take any camera, available in market, which is cheaper in price and gives a professional quality to your pictures. Paul was also seeking a chance to get a retirement so that he can enjoy the other part of his life. Another reason could be that he wanted to take retirement from this business, and there was no one who could take care of his company after him, so he decided to close the whole business down.

Helix Sale

After almost 50 years, he closed his business. The Helix Camera and Video’s building was sold to a storage center firm for $12.7 million. It is also said that the building was under debt. Paul took the loan from the bank in July, 2002. The mortgage was about $6 million and another $500,000 in October, 2003. Though, Paul declined to discuss the specific statistics. But, somehow we got the idea from the sales. It seems like the main reason behind shutting the business was going out of sales. The digital era destroyed the Helix camera and video.

After a long period of handling the business, he got to enjoy his time and live another part of his life.

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