Frank Abagnale Net Worth

Frank Abagnale Net Worth : $10 million


An American Security Consultant and Former Escape Artist, Impostor, and Check Forger



Source of Wealth

Forgery, Fraud, Business

Years of Experience

40 plus years (approximately)

Date of Birth

April 27, 1948


No Formal Education

Marital Status




Frank’s Income & Total Net Worth

Frank William Abagnale, Jr.,  is the CEO of Abagnale & Associates and his total net worth is estimated to be around $10 million. He had defrauded the banks of US for over 3 million dollars.

In the past, Frank was a con man and a fraud. He is one of the famous imposters. He was arrested when he was 21 years old. He is claimed to assume 8 different identities, including a doctor, lawyer, an airline pilot, and the United States Bureau of Prisons agent. Frank has the record of escaping from the police’s custody, two times. Frank’s life story has been portrayed in a movie, called “Catch Me If You Can”, starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. Currently, he is the CEO of Abagnale & Associates. He also provides lectures to FBI field offices and FBI Academy to prevent the crimes, committed by con artists.

Business Investments

After release from jail, Frank tried several jobs but was kicked out from most due to his criminal record. Then, he came up with an idea and approached a bank. He displayed the bank’s staff the different tricks that fraud people use to deceive the bank.  He put a condition in front of the bankers that if they did find his idea worth, they would pay him $500 and recommend him to other banks. Later, he opened his own company, named Abagnale & Associates, in Tulsa, Oklahoma (United States). Frank’s consultancy company advises other companies on the scam and fraud issues.


In 1997, Frank made an appearance on “To Tell the Truth”, a TV quiz show. He appeared as a recurring guest on “The Secret Cabaret”. His semi-autobiography was adapted into a movie. He was also seen on “The Real Hustle”, a television series, as a speaker.

He also penned several books, such as “The Art of the Steal”, “Stealing Your Life”, and “Real U Guide to Identity Theft”.

Properties: Private Fortunes

Frank owns a beautiful home in Charleston, South Carolina. He also owns a consulting company, Abagnale & Associates.

Frank’s Career & Imprisonment

Frank started forgery when he was just a teenager. Frank first conned his own father, for which he (his father) had to bear a loss of $3,400. Then, he started petty crimes and imprisoned many times. When Frank turned 16, he left his father’s house. He did not have any formal educational degree and money. Frank developed numerous ways to forge cheques. He opened several accounts in different banks and wrote many forged cheques.

Frank got bored with this work and wanted to travel the whole world for free. So, he told the Pan American World Airways that he is a pilot and lost his uniform. He obtained a new uniform with a fake ID. Frank flew about 250 flights and traveled 26 countries. He stayed at expensive hotels and ate delicious food, and the bill was under company’s name because he was in a disguise of a company’s pilot. He was often called out by the actual pilots to take control of the flights. As Frank did not know how to fly a plane, so he used to switch the mode to ‘Autopilot’. When police issued a search warrant against him, he changed his identity.

Frank, then, assumed the identities of a teaching assistant, doctor, and an attorney.

He was in France when his ex-girlfriend recognized him. She handed him to the department of police. When he was being deported to the United States, he escaped from the police custody. Later, he was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and handed to the United States Border Patrol. When Frank was in Atlanta, Georgia, he again escaped from the Federal Detention Center, while waiting for trial.  Finally, he was arrested at the age of 21 years. He served for less than 5 years and was released on the condition that he would assist the federal government in investigating the fraudulent crimes.

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