Ernie Lee Brown Jr. Net Worth

Ernie Lee Brown Jr. Net Worth : $150 Thousand


An American Animal Rescuer and Reality Television Star

Ernie Lee Brown Jr. Annual Income

$27000 per episode



Source of Wealth

Animal rescue & Reality Shows (Animal Planet series, known as Call of the Wildman: More Live Action)

Years of Experience

Approximately 40 years

Date of Birth

December 28, 1933

Marital Status

In a relationship (Separated with ex-wife)



Ernie Lee Brown Jr. Income and Total Net Worth

Ernie Lee Brown Jr. is a famous animal rescue and is the owner of the show named ‘Call of the Wildman’ which is telecasted on Animal Planet. He earns approximately $27000 per episode. There are also rumors that the budget of the show, in the beginning, was only $100,000. He has minted a lot of money with this reality show. His entire net worth is $150 thousand.

He is the man whose nickname is ‘Turtleman’ by his fans. He caught his first turtle at the age of seven only. Right from childhood, he had love and affection for animals and he decided to become an animal rescue. He even caught many other animals like snakes, skunks, raccoons and more. He has the ability to protect both the animal and himself while catching them. He is an animal lover and rescues animals to relocate them to a safer place.

Business Ventures

Ernie Lee Brown Jr. had love and affection for animals, right from the childhood. He is a reality television star. His show which is telecasted on Animal Planet, named ‘Call of the Wildman’ has made him a star. His show has made him earn a lot of name and fame. Till date, he has caught around 12000 turtles and many other animals. On estimation, he catches 300 turtles a year and has got injured nearly 33 times. Till now, he has caught the heaviest turtle named ‘Loch Ness Turtle’, which weighed approximately 55 pounds. His videos of animal catching techniques have been uploaded on the internet, which has made him more popular among his followers.

Prior to this occupation, he has also worked as a labor and cut wooden boards on construction sites.

Properties: Private Fortunes

The reality show star Ernie Lee Brown Jr. is exceedingly fond of animals and even lives with few of them. He has two cats, a dog, and a canine named Lolly. On being asked that as to how he manages to live with such different species, he explained that he has a strong bonding with all the species, and they often hug each other. He even had many snakes and turtles also along with him. He usually calls these snakes pet snakes because they were living along with him.


He has got his name and fame by his reality show, and with his bold and fearless attitude. This show has three seasons, and 36 episodes have been telecasted so far. After the struggle that he faced in his life, he managed to make up his life in the end and made his dream come true of becoming popular and earning a lot of money.