Ernie Boch Jr. Net Worth

Ernie Boch Jr. Net Worth : $500 Million


An American Businessman and Executive

Ernie Boch Jr. Annual Income

$1 Billion (Boch Enterprise’s Annual Revenue)



Source of Wealth

Automatics, Television and Automobiles

Date of Birth



Graduated from Berklee College of Music

Marital Status




Ernie Boch Jr.  Total Net Worth and Annual Income

Ernie Boch Jr. is the CEO and president of Boch Enterprises. He has inherited his grandfather’s business of automobiles. He has a net worth of $500 million. Boch Enterprise has a current value of $1 billion and it is engaged in automobile dealerships.

He is a person, who has inherited his father’s sense of humour and business strategies, and has expanded his company into one of the leading organization. After he became the elected CEO of the organization, the company observed a significant increase in revenue. He sold his four radio stations for $21.3 million. In the year 2012, over 43,000 cars were sold through his distributorship of Subaru.

Business Investments

As the president and CEO of Boch Enterprise, he has made many profitable investments, which generated high revenues and profits. He created Boston-based rock band, called Ernie and the Automatics. He is also an owner of the “Boston Militia”, a tackle football team of women. Besides this, he appeared in “The Phantom Gourmet”, “Creature Double Feature” on WLVI-TV, “Rescue Me”, etc.

Properties: Private Fortunes


He owns a beautiful and impressive brick mansion in Norwood. The house is spread in 16,000-square feet and features 6 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, an indoor pool, and a 3,000-square feet garage. The property comprises of 70 security cameras and 300 speakers.

In February, 2013, he expressed his interest in purchasing “The Boston Globe”.


Despite being the president of an automation industry, he owns many cars. 1971 Volkswagen Beetle was his first car, which was a British racing green. He bought it when he was only 16. Ernie also owns Subaru Tribeca. In New England, automotive dealerships of Boch have Ferrari, Scion, Maserati, Honda and Toyota stores.

Private Jet

He also possesses Citation Sovereign private jet worth $15 million

Ernie Boch Jr. Career

After completing his graduation, he joined his family business and entered in the field of the automobile industry. After the death of his father, he also did a TV commercial where, he gave a tribute to his father. He also possesses an ardour for music and creates TV cameos.  Ernie holds a creative perspective towards promotion, marketing and selling cars.


Along with a businessman, Ernie is also a music lover. With the motive of preventing and creating awareness and education for music, he founded a project, named ‘Music Drives Us’, in 2005. He has also given a charity of $500,000 to Caritas Norwood Hospital and requested the authority to name the morgue after him.

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