Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

Samille Diane Friesen aka Dyan Cannon is an American director, screenwriter, editor, producer, television, and film actress. This multi-talented personality has now turned 81 and she is still one of the Hollywood’s sex symbols.


How did she manage to stay in this position? Most of us know the truth behind her young skin. It seems to be the effect of getting a good plastic surgeon.  She is supposed to have a facelift and some facial fillers, like Botox injections or dermal fillers.


Dyan is 76 and in this age, it is natural to have wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. But, it looks like Dyan is just not ready to look old right now. To become a leading personality in the Hollywood town, she took the help of surgical experts to stay young and fit.


It is not hard to notice the difference between both the pictures. In the left picture, she looks 75 years old. As you can see the difference, her face looks tight and a bit lifted. She must have hired a very good plastic surgeon as she looks stunning. Her face looks smooth and firm, and also well toned. Her plumped cheeks remind us of her 40s. Facelift gave Dyan’s face a proper shape, and it looks more defined now.

Botox Injections and Dermal Fillers

Botox injections and dermal fillers give a really good effect after they are injected into the skin. Though, it takes almost a week to heal. The brilliant example of a successful Botox is Dyan’s facial skin.


The crow’s feet got disappeared; there are no frown lines on her face. The area around her eyes looks tight. It looks like her forehead got the effect of dermal fillers. Dyan has no flaw on her skin. Her chin and area around the lips look great and smooth. Her neck looks a bit wrinkled, but it does not give the effect of sagging neck. It looks okay. Mostly, cosmetic surgeries have a bad effect on the skin, and they give a weird looking face. People call them the effect of bad plastic surgery. On the other hand, Dyan seems to be really happy that she looks stunning in 76. She looks amazing and ready to rock the Hollywood world. Her recent pictures give us the fresh and 40s look. It seems like she did not go for a nose job, which was a very good decision of hers.

Though, Dyan does not accept the fact of having plastic surgeries. Judging from the recent pictures, it is not very difficult to say that she took some medical help to look beautiful. She doesn’t look like other celebrities who get unrecognizable after getting cosmetic surgeries. Dyan’s surgery is not overdone. She looks like she is just 40 years old. Maybe, for her, the 80s are the new 40s.

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