Chris Drama Pfaff Net Worth

Chris Drama Pfaff Net Worth : $8 Million


Founder of Young and Reckless Clothing Company and a Music Producer



Source of Wealth

Producing Music, Clothing Factory

Date of Birth



A Graduate from Coventry High School in Akron, Ohio, in 2007

Marital Status


Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff’s Net Worth and Annual Income

Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff is one of the richest individuals on the chart. He has a total net worth of $8 Million. Though he earns a lot of money, the annual income has not been disclosed by any of the sources. There is no such web site that claims the annual income of him. Though, at an exceptionally young age, he started his own clothing factory. He became extraordinarily popular because of his brand.

He is the person who has revolutionized the fashion industry. He has also earned popularity because of his appearance in his cousin’s reality show on MTV. He has also produced music for various artists.

Business Ventures

Ernie ‘Drama’ Pfaff is one of the most popular stars in the entertainment industry. He has achieved considerable heights with his talent. Being in the field of designing, and being the founder of the Young and Reckless Clothing brand, he has attained considerable popularity in the fashion industry. He also got famous because of his appearance in the reality show of his cousin, Rob Dyrdek. He was seen many a time with him on his reality show, which created a massive fan following for him. He has also produced several music albums for the famous stars like Kelly Rowland, Yelawolf, and Lil Twist.  He is a person who is closely associated with music and fashion industry for many years.

Properties: Private Fortunes

He is the founder of the most popular brand, Young and Reckless Clothing, which is worn by most of the celebrities of the town. The factory of this clothing business is owned by him.

Chris ‘Drama’ Pfaff’s Career

After graduating from the Coventry High School in 2007, he came with his cousin on his reality show and spent his days under the camera of MTV. He also came on television for his heart touching music that made him work with many celebrities. After working with the celebrities, he founded his clothing industry named Young and Reckless. The brand has attracted many of the famous personalities of the town.

If we talk about his television shows, he has appeared in 10 episodes of Rob & Big from 2006- 2009, 2 episodes of Nitro Circus in 2009, and 21 episodes of Fantasy Factory in 2009.


He is a hard-working, dedicated, and determined person. He believes in himself and strives for excellence in both the television and fashion industry. He has created a way in the field of production and designing. His fans have even expressed their gratitude and have written words of appreciation, for both his work and clothing, on his website.