Choi Minho Plastic Surgery

Choi Minho, who is also known as Flaming Charisma, is a South Korean idol singer, dancer, rapper, actor, model, radio host, and a lyricist. He is a former member of South Korean boy group Shinee.

Choi Minho: Nose Job

choi minho before and after plastic surgery 1

Choi looks amazing. In such a young age, he took such a mature decision and got himself a new nose. Most of us noticed a subtle change on his face. His nose, which was a bit wider, now appears to be smaller and pointed. In short, he reshaped his nose and we have to say, this new pointed and improved nose looks amazing on his face. As you can clearly see in the picture, with his new crafted nose, his appearance has turned quite different.

After the nose job, he looks hotter than before. His new nose suits him more and does make a difference in his personality.

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