Chelsea Clinton House

Chelsea Clinton has been in the limelight since was young as she is the daughter of the Governor of Arkansas and the former President of USA, Bill Clinton. She was raised in the white house and was always well-documented by the news channels worldwide, in her teenage years.

Currently, Chelsea along with her husband bought a home in Madison Square Park, Manhattan, which has worth of $10.5 million, in March, 2013. The 5000 square feet of house comprises of four bedrooms and six bathrooms along with a hideaway, a private elevator, a massive dining space, modular kitchen, and an office. Her condo is built on the floor of the recently renovated building.

Ms. Clinton has spent a hefty amount on buying this glamorous and alluring accommodation with only three neighbours nearby, and definitely seems to have grown into highlight.

Chelsea Clinton House

Chelsea Clinton House 1

Chelsea Clinton House 2

Chelsea Clinton House 3

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