Certified Medical Assistant Salary

The healthcare industry and allied medical services industry have become more critical in a world that had to wade through the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from exposing the limited potential of a pre-pandemic world and its medical services, it also showed the world how much it needs to work and invest in the medical practice and its allied services. Due to this, numerous investment opportunities have worked towards these industries.

In fact, according to BLS, the medical assistant profession is about to see a 19% growth in the next decade, which is the largest amongst all other occupations in the US. There is not just job growth but also an increase in the salary that certified medical assistants receive. The medical assistant salary is bound to be reviewed in the coming years, based on this growth rate.

Although the salaries can vary based on the state, other sources such as salary.com and indeed.com show that medical assistant salaries do not vary by huge amounts. Salary.com shows that medical assistants in the US currently earn a median wage of $36,472.

Indeed.com depicts the professionals earning $17.90 per hour, especially if they have more than ten years of experience. This shows that the medical assistants are fairly compensated in today’s job market and can expect even better wages in the near future.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a Certified Medical Assistant?

Most of the available job opportunities affiliated with the medical field require a college degree and can be pretty expensive. However, you do not need such a costly program or very high qualification levels with a medical assistant job. Apart from this, there are multiple other benefits of becoming a certified medical assistant.

  1. Job Opportunities

Your employability in this field increases tenfold if you have a certified medical assistant certification from a reputed training program affiliated with CAAHEP or ABHES. It can help you get selected for a highly in-demand job and gives you the edge over your competitors. 

  1. Job Choices

As a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), you have a job profile that requires you to do a whole plethora of tasks. There can be no limitations to the jobs that a medical assistant is required to perform. This may be challenging at first, but it also increases the skillsets, leading to more job choices in the long run. 

  1. Better Pay

As compared to a medical assistantwithout certification, the medical assistants with relevant qualifications and certifications are paid much better. It legitimizes your position and capability as a medical assistant and makes you more trustworthy and employable to your possible employers. 

  1. Stability

The medical assistant’s job is essential. This means that medical assistants are often required throughout the year and for all hours of the day. If you do not have a certification, it gives your employers leeway to make you work at hours that may not be conducive to your personal commitments. However, if you have a certification, it can lead to better opportunities to stabilize your job and give you better work hours. 

  1. Growth

Apart from the monetary aspects of growth, being a certified medical assistant also gives you ample room to diversify your skillset and find something to specialize in. This enables you to experience growth on the job, and in later years, to find out which aspect of the job suits you best.

 Which States in the US Pay the Most to Medical Assistants?

The amount that a certified medical assistant can earn may vary from state to state in the US. According to Indeed.com, Washington DC pays the most to certified medical assistants, at 27% more than the national average. This is closely followed by Minnesota and Iowa, at 23% above the national average. Mississippi pays the lowest to its certified medical assistants, with 21% below the national average.

Which Certifications are the Most Important for a Certified Medical Assistant?

Since medical assistants can have different certifications, there are some which provide more earnings based on the market. Currently, according to Indeed.com, the Epic Certification for medical assistants is the most sought after. MAs with this certification earn 32.09% more than the national average. This is followed by Medical Technologist certification and Certified Phlebotomy Technician with 14.28% and 10.31% more earnings than the national average.

What Factors Influence the Salary of a Medical Assistant?

The salary of a medical assistant in the US fluctuates from state to state. Apart from geographical factors that can factor in for changes in a medical assistant’s salary, many other factors have a substantial influence on how much you can earn as a medical assistant. According to FMAP 2021 salary report, the median wage for medical assistants in the US in 2019 was $35,720.

  1. Specialty

Different healthcare facilities require varying medical assistant specializations based on their needs at the time. Medical assistants have the freedom to work and specialize in different areas of their field. Based on which specialty is required, the salary increases.

   2. Experience

The experience that a medical assistant brings to the allied health services is significant, especially for the first ten years. The biggest jumps in salaries occur during the first decade, as you specialize in different areas. After this, most healthcare facilities tend to cause a plateau in the range of wages. For the first decade, however, the salary boosts and raises are reasonably substantial. 

  1. Setting

How much you earn as a medical assistant depends significantly on the setting of your work. If you are working in outpatient care or the hospitals offering general medicine and surgical services, then you can expect a hefty salary during your initial years. However, if you are working in a service such as an ambulatory or a rural medical clinic, you cannot expect a very substantial salary. Where you get your work dictates your salary, not just location-wise, but also based on the setting.

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