Birdman’s Car: Cash Money Star Blows $8 million on the Luxurious Maybach Exelero

Birdman Car Maybach Exelero

If you can afford it, you should buy it. Probably, the world-famous rapper, Birdman, aka, Bryan Williams follows this philosophy, and why not? After all,  he has been ranked 4th on the Forbes’ list of “The Wealthiest and Richest Rappers”, and that gives him the fortitude to blow off $8 million for just one car, which is none other than the elegant and magnificent Maybach Exelero. Besides this, he also possesses super sporty Bugatti Veyron SS, stunning Maybach Landaulet, and gorgeous Lamborghini Aventador.

Rapper Birdman is widely acclaimed for his collection of expensive automotives, to adorn his garage, including Lamborghini Aventador worth $755,000 and Maybach Landaulet worth $2 million. But, the value and appeal of both the cars have been dwarfed by the massive amount; he has blown off to possess glamorous Maybach Exelero.

The question here is what makes Maybach Exelero worth $8 million? Well, the car runs on a top speed of 214 miles per hour, and is powered by a V12 Biturbo engine and an impressive 700 horsepower. No doubt, this is the best car, Maybach has ever lined up, and fits perfectly in the modern world of luxury driven vehicles.

For Birdman, funds are no problem, as he owns a net worth of approximately $115 million. His immensely popular rap label, Cash Money Records, is a giant money source, which enables him to buy all the luxuries of the life. In fact, Birdman is always considered as the biggest profligate, as he spends handsome amount on all sort of things, he likes. He has even lost $5 million on an unusual Super Bowl bet.

Hence, spending $8 million on a custom designed vehicle does not seem a bizarre, if you can afford to lose such ponderous amount in bet. What say????

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