Andrew Lessman Net Worth

Andrew Lessman Net Worth : $20 Million


An American Entrepreneur



Source of Wealth

Business, Companies


Graduated from Loyola University Law School

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Andrew Lessman’s Income & Total Net Worth

Andrew Lessman, an American entrepreneur, has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Initially, he started his career as a lawyer but later turned into an entrepreneur by launching his own company ‘ProCaps Laboratories’. The earnings made by this company added to his net worth.

Business Undertaking

Andrew Lessman owns a large company ‘ProCaps Laboratories’, which manufactures vitamins. Natural sources and unique additive- free manufacturing processes are used to manufacture vitamins. The company has outstanding parking and roof structure, with largest private solar energy installations to produce energy. This natural source of energy helps in producing ProCaps products. ProCaps is the only “vitamin manufacturing company” in the world with such technique. This assures that products contain finest and purest products.

Andrew Lessman’s Career

While in junior high school, he was fascinated by vitamins and nutrition. He went to the University of Hawaii for medical studies, after completing graduation in biochemistry from the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating from Loyola University Law School, he began his career as a lawyer. After that, he worked for a vitamin company. Soon, his interest shifted to full-time vitamin development. He established his own company “ProCaps Laboratories” in 1989.