Amado Carrillo Fuentes Net Worth

Amado Carrillo Fuentes Net Worth : $25 Billion


A Mexican Drug Trafficker



Source of Wealth

Drug Trafficking

Date of Birth

December 17, 1956

Marital Status




Amado’s Income & Total Net Worth

Amado Carrillo Fuentes was a Mexican drug trafficker and was also referred as “Drug Lord”. His total net worth was $25 billion (estimated), which made him one of the richest criminals.

Amado earned his net worth by getting involved into drug trafficking. He was the head of Juárez Cartel, a drug cartel based in Mexico. He got on in this business because of his uncle and later, pulled his siblings and son into his drug empire. He was “the most powerful drug trafficker” of his era as reported by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.


Amado earned enormous wealth through his drug businesses. His drug empire made him the kingpin, and soon, he became the head of Juárez Cartel. He supplied four times more cocaine in the United States than any other drug trafficker in the world. To transport cocaine around Mexico, he used to travel in his private jets. Just before his death, his business was at the peak, and he used to ship multi-ton cocaine directly to Manhattan. His empire was growing exceptionally, and so was the money. He made $25 billion from this cocaine business.

Besides drug smuggling, Amado was also involved in the laundering of more than $20 million, which he did for financing his massive fleet of planes.

Properties: Private Fortune

Amado was the owner of 27 Boeing 727 private jets. He used these jets to supply cocaine in many countries. Because of this drug shipping jets, Amado was called “The Lord of the Skies” (El Señor de Los Cielos). He traveled in his private jets from Russia to Cuba and other nations to find a haven.

He also had a lavish house in Mexico, named Palacio de Mil y Una Noches, which means the Palace of the 1001 Nights.

Amado’s Criminal Career and Death

Amado was already married, and a father of a son, when he got involved in drug trafficking. Amado learned about border operations while managing cocaine shipments of his uncle. Then, he started supplying and providing cocaine to different countries. Sooner, Amado realized that he can make more money with this business, so he involved his brothers and his only son into his drug business. Amado became the head of a drug trafficking organization, named “Juárez Cartel”. His drug empire was expanding and soon Amado was shipping four times more cocaine (multi-ton cocaine supplied in Manhattan, United States) than any other drug supplier in the world. The more he was shipping, the more he was earning. When his drug empire was at its peak, he earned $25 billion. People were clamoring for more cocaine, and police were searching for him to arrest. Amado was hunted by both Mexican and United States authorities. He was searching for a safe place to conceal and live peacefully. Amado wanted to change his appearance in order to escape. So, he underwent abdomen’s liposuction and facial cosmetic surgery. This plastic surgery took place in Santa Mónica Hospital, New Mexico. In the middle of the surgery, Amado died of surgical complications. A few days after Amado’s death, the two surgeons, who performed Amado’s facial surgery, were found dead.

After Amado’s death, his son Vicente Carrillo Leyva took over the control of his father’s drug empire. In April 2009, Amado’s son Vicente was also arrested.

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