9 Most Popular Pizza Toppings


Olives Pizza

Olive is a kind of fruit, which when added with pepperoni and sauces in a pizza, makes the pizza more tasty and delicious. The olives give it a Salami flavour, and the dish becomes more zestful.


Ham Pizza

Ham is a juicy pizza topping which is added with bacon, to give a sweet and juicy taste to the pizza. The crispy pizza becomes more delightful with the addition of Ham in it. Ham is a non- vegetarian ingredient, made up of pig.


Tomato Pizza

How can one forget to add tomatoes as a topping in the pizza? The sour and juicy taste of tomatoes adds a tangy flavour to the pizza.

So, if one wishes to eat a yummy and tasty pizza, it should have any of the toppings on it. Most popularly, pizzas use only these toppings and addition of salt, and other added flavours give an extra tinge of taste to a pizza.

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