9 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

Pepperoni and Mushrooms

Pepperoni and Mushrooms Pizza

Pepperoni has a spicy taste. When it is added to the pizza, gives that a reddish colour. Pepperoni is also very easy to cook, and of course, delicious in taste. Mushrooms are always a choice for the chef, whether to add them or not. Though some people do not like eating mushrooms, but then the flavour of mushrooms gives the pizza a tangy and spicy taste.


Pineapples Pizza

Pineapples have a juicy and vibrant flavour, which when added to pizza, give a mixed flavour of both sweet and spice to the dish. The adding of pineapples as a topping gives a juicy taste to the pizza.


Bacon Pizza

Bacon is an ingredient made up of pig, and is used as a topping in pizza. The bacon has been voted as the best pizza topping, and gives the pizza a salty flavour, and the smell could tempt you to eat more.

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