9 Most Popular Pizza Toppings

A dish that is full of delicious cheese and toppings on a bread base definitely tempts a person to grab all of them. The delicious Italian dish is gaining popularity among all the youngsters, these days. The opening of new cafeterias like Dominos or Pizza Hut has added an extra topping to the dish. The various pizza toppings that are commonly found on the pizza are listed below.


Cheese Pizza

The most favourite and delicious topping for a pizza is cheese. With an extra amount of cheese in the pizza, it becomes tastier. This actually forms a backbone of a pizza because anything you add is all mixed up in the cheese itself, which gives a yummy taste to it.

Onions and Capsicums

Onions and Capsicums add an appetising taste to the pizza. The flavour of onions and capsicums make it more delicious and mouth watering. Generally, the capsicum has a strong taste, which when gets mixed up with cheese, gives a delicious taste to the dish.


Sausage Pizza

The addition of sauces on the pizza gives unique taste to the dish. The adding of different flavour of sauces like vinegar sauce or the tomato sauce or the ginger paste gives a spicy flavour to pizza.

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