5 Most Expensive Headphones

#2 Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones


Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

Price- $2,749

These award-winning headphones are the most expensive ones, not just because of their design, but also due to their high-quality sound effects. The Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones are currently priced at $2,749. These are hand-crafted, with the exterior made of Zebrano wood. The exterior is also coated with 8 layers of clear lacquer. It provides the most comfortable ear pads made of Ethiopian sheepskin, which is really hard to get in any of the headphones, available in the market. The silver-plated copper wires are covered with Kevlar plated cords and cables to ensure flexibility and durability. Its 40 mm sound drivers produce a three-dimensional sound, which gives your ears a stereophonic experience as if you are at a live performance.

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