5 Most Expensive Coffins of All Time

5. The Promethean

The Promethean

The Promethean is one of the world’s most expensive caskets worth $25,000, which is not a big deal for celebrities, like Michael Jackson and James Brown. It is often called as the “Golden Send Off”. The Promethean is a customized sarcophagus, manufactured by Batesville Casket Company.

When Michael Jackson attended the funeral ceremony of James Brown, he got so spellbound with this solid bronze and 24-carat gold plated coffin that he ordered one for himself, the same day. The interior of this radiant casket is made up of velvet and its exterior is hand polished to a mirror finish.

The Promethean casket features 48 square foot bronze, semi-precious and rust-resistant metal, locking mechanism plus a one-piece rubber gasket to completely seal the upper region of the casket, tested for resistance to entry of outside elements, swing bar hardware, rounded corner design, fully adjustable bed, unique family memorial portfolio, memorial record system, and full manufacturer’s warranty.

This is definitely a world-class coffin with amazing features.

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